Hello! Party 2 was a great success!

Thank you to everybody that attended and followed along via the stream. We'll be compliling videos, photos and stuff of that sort in the coming weeks (after we recover from the awesomeness that was Berryz in America). You can still check out the footage we managed to stream at http://livestream.com/helloparty.

Hello! Party 2

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A party? A Berryz Koubou party?

A little less than two years ago, Morning Musume graced us with their presence at Anime Expo. Fans from all over the world converged on the City of Angels, and 350 of them (plus over 500 watching online) joined us for the first Hello! Party.

This April, the 7 members of Berryz Koubou will be arriving in the Emerald City of Seattle for their first performance in the continental US. To celebrate this equally momentous occasion, we’re throwing another party.

Awesome! Where can I sign up?

It's as easy as clicking the button! → Signing up will help us get as accurate a headcount as possible and make sure we have enough name tags at the registration desk on the night-of! Let us know who your favorite is and spread the word!

Why, yes! We'd love to hear you sing!

This year we’re holding a karaoke competition! If you’re coming to see Berryz Koubou and plan on being at Hello! Party 2, you’re invited to participate! Send us a link (and your name/username) to a YouTube video of your performance by April 20th (extended!!) to

The finalists will duke it out live at Hello! Party 2!

Just a couple of rules:

  1. Must be a Berryz Koubou song (in any key).
  2. Solo or up to three people only.
  3. A capella or with insturmental is fine (don't sing over the original vocals).
  4. Keep the video under 6 minutes.
  5. By submitting, you automatically accept the possibility of performing at the party if you're chosen as a finalist.
  6. Have fun with it! ^_^v

Stay informed! For the latest news on the party, make sure you...

FAQs. Because knowing is half the battle.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, email us at

Doesn't the 22nd collide with Sakura-Con's guest reception?
Yes it does. Due to Sakura-Con mentioning a Berryz "Saturday night" concert on the website, we decided to play it safe and move the party to Friday night (we originally booked Saturday night). Although this does clash with the Sakura-Con Guest Reception, considering Berryz is only expected to make a "brief appearance," we hope this means that the two-and-a-half hours between the Guest Reception start and Hello! Party 2's start will be enough time for fans to make it to both.
Who is invited to this event?
Everyone! This party is not affiliated with any fansites or forums, so as long as you're a Hello! Project and/or Berryz Koubou fan, you're invited.
You're welcome to bring non-fan friends also, but be considerate enough to make sure they are open to attending a 3-hour event (or longer, if you're going to stay after the games) revolving around something they may not know much about. Also, they will still be asked to pick a favorite member at the door, so you might want to fill them in enough to pick one. :]
What ballroom is the party in? How do I get to the ballroom?
You'll be looking for the Emerald Ballroom. There will be signage and helpful staff to guide you there!
Is there a cover charge or admission fee?
The party is completely free!
Will the trivia and karaoke games include questions and music from just Berryz Koubou, or all of Hello! Project?
The games portion of the party will be pretty Berryz Koubou-centric because we are celebrating their American debut, after all. From 11:30 to 12:30, there will be dancing to a mostly Berryz-centric playlist. So start practicing!
Is this party officially affiliated with Hello! Project or Up-Front?
Not at all. Hello! Party is an event for the fans, by the fans. Please don't expect Berryz Koubou to show up or anything like that.. that would be all of our dreams come true, but the chances of that would be something like winning the lottery.
Is there a way I can donate to help pay for the party, or help in any other way?
Since awesome parties are most definitely not cheap, we are accepting donations through Paypal. You can do that through the box in the sidebar, which will bring you to PayPal. Donations will help ensure a great experience for all fans, so we thank those who are generous enough to donate anything! ❤
Also, if you know of any companies or individuals that may be interested in sponsoring the expenses, please contact us ASAP with this information! If a sponsorship works out, it is that much more certain that the event will be the best fan experience of all time. ;D
If you'd like to help in another way, the most amazing thing you can do for us is to spread the link! The more the merrier, but how can we have a merrier party if not enough people hear about it? So please post the link on your blog, send it to your friends, Twitter it, share it on your communities, etc!
Will there be food and drinks served at the party?
Unfortunately, catering is an expensive addition to any event. In order to afford food for everyone we would have to charge a lot per person, but we're sure you'd much rather find your own, more affordable, food. Since this is a 3-hour event, be sure to eat before coming! Or, if you want to bring your food with you, we've been assured no one will be stopped for carrying food into the venue.
Water will be provided all throughout the event!
Will there be alcoholic beverages served at the party?
No, there will not. We looked into it, but the specifics were too complicated and costly. But fear not! There is a bar located on the hotel grounds:
Elphant & Castle Pub & Restaurant
Ground Level / Open until 1:30am
(206) 624-9977